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News 2007
Agg Amaias Azawakhs

November 2007

Al Hara's Oraya Bint Gaia

Look for a New Home, because here Owner is ill.

How want to give here a New Home please contact me.

September 2007

On 09.09.07 Tigidit Essamet won the LCO Coursing in Zehlendorf
Also on 16.09.07 he won the CACL Coursing in Hoope.

07th September 2007

Agg Amaias Cecherell
15.10.96 – 07.09.07

After a short acute Disease, Agg Amaias Cecherell was diet too early.
His owners Alberto Rossi and Andrea Schulze mourning about a
lovely and healthfully dog - fun-loving and full of energy,
that never show his really age.

Cecherell was father of the e-litter of kennel "Tigidit It".

Tigidit EnyamaTigidit Elicaand Tigidit Essamet

06th August 2007
Dewet Mayyal and Dafiinah are now by their owners:

Today sunday 03.06.07
the D- Litter is born D-Litter.

Litter Announcement


Ch. Tigidit Essamet(Ag Amaias Cecherell x Jalameh de Garde Epee). was bred to Ch. Ahsan Kel-es-Suf (Ch. B´Emeker Kel Dahoussahaq x Jaspis of Silverdale),and we are expecting her litter to be whelped the first week of June.

We expect the temperaments and phenotypes of the sire and dam to be strongly reflected in the puppies.
Our puppies are raised in an environment which is at once nurturing and stimulating; they are in constant contact with our older Azawakh and experience close and frequent contact with humans of all ages.
We believe this type of early socialization optimizes the character potential of each puppy and best prepares them for life with their new owners; a life which is both fulfilling and pleasurable for both the owner and their Azawakh.

Ch. Ahsan Kel es Suf

Ch. Tigidit Essamet
© Christiane Thier-Rostaing

News 2006

At the beginning of September, Tigidit Enyama had mated Chaydara ( Mali ) in the kennel Ehen-n-ma
For more detailed information, please contact me:
Chr. Thier Rostaing

Tigidit Essamet got in Moritzburg at the 27.08.2006
Judgement V!,VDH,BH and Landessieger Sachsen
From Mr.Dr.Jakkel H

Tigidit Essamet got in Potsdam at the 12.08.2006
Judgement V1,VDH, BH and Landessieger Berlin Brandenburg
From Fr. Ing.R.Maresova CZ

Breeding plans of other kennels for 2006
The Azawakh kennel Ehen n ma has plans for a mating of Shaydara (imported dircectely from Mali) and Tigidit Enyama at the end of August.
For more information contact: Chr. Thier Rostaing

Ahmar Kel-es-Suf
( 2000-2006)

Ahmar Kel-es-Suf, one of the most highly acclaimed Azawakh in recent years, has died.
His loss affects so many of us, but our most heartfelt condolences go out to his owner/breeder Petr Stepanek during his time of loss.
To those who knew him, Ahmar was not only an Azawakh possessing great beauty and strength, he was also lovable and gentle, charming and balanced.
Were there really any whose hearts were not won over, even possessed, by him !

We plane a litter early summer with
Alhmsiet ( Import Mali ) and Multichamp. Ahmar Kel es Suf

Tigidit Essamet had won the international CACIL snow coursing in Marie bad (CZ)


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