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News 2002-2003
Agg Amaias Azawakhs

C- litter from Kel es Suf (3/2 ) arrieved Ahmar Kel es Suf ( B`Emeker Kel Dahoussahaq x Jaspis of Silverdale ) x Agg Amaias Cheraga ( Azabor, Imp. Burkina Faso x Koseilatas Belayara Akasa ), CZ, 3/2 puppies,1brindel and 2 red males and 2 brindel females.

In 2003 Johanna Meyer and myself joined together as breeders of the Azawakh kennel Agg Amaias and our first common litter is planned for the end of 2003 The parents of the D- litter will be the sandbrindled female Alhamsiad, imported from the Azawakh valley in Mali by ABIS and Ch. Ahmar Kel es Suf ( B´Emeker Kel Dahoussahaq x Jaspis of Silverdale) We are expecting puppies in sand, fawn/red colours with and without brindling. Inquiries are welcome. To read the story of how the 2000 ABIS exposition found Alhamsiad and to have information about a few other new imported Azawakhs… click hereclick here.

Chantira, Ini Ishtar and Taikarte as therapy dogs
Our new family member Essamet You can see more abouthere .

Chantira had won the Championat d´Europe FCI Coursing in Charmes You can see her here with the Champion male Tigidit , ABIS import. here with the Champion male Tigidit , ABIS import. .
We exspect the B-litter in the Kennel Kel-es-suf from Ammar Kel-es-suf and Agg Amaias Cheraga.


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